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Lord of Creation Reign

Hymn #443 in the 1875 Wesley Hymnal (or #431 in the Collected Works of John and Charles Wesley) is a remarkable call for faithful evangelism and intercession in the Muslim world: 1. Sun of unclouded righteousness, With healing ...

Jan, 14

Childermas, Kindermord, or the Feast of the Innocents

Often called Childermas, Kindermord, or the Feast of the Innocents, the 28th of December (or more often, the Sunday between Christmas and Epiphany), traditionally solemnizes the slaughter of the children of Judea by Herod. It provides focus ...

Jan, 07

Year in Review

Jan, 07

The Coventry Carol: A Pro-Life Hymn

The Coventry Carol is a 14th-16th century English Christmas Carol. It is the second of three songs in a traditional Nativity Pageant, a lament sung by the women of Bethlehem, immediately after Joseph is warned ...

Jan, 07

2014: Best Films

Only a few of these films are actually new releases this year–they are just new to me. Though I typically don’t see very many movies, I try to make sure that the ones I do ...

Dec, 12


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