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Dr. George Grant talks about the curriculum.


What do we mean by humanities?

Humanities is a study of world culture emphasizing the basic classical scholastic approach of moral philosophy-thus equipping students with the tools for a lifetime of learning: a working knowledge of the timetables of history, a background understanding of the great literature classics, a familiarity with the sweep of art, music, and ideas, a worldview comprehension of basic geography, a principle approach to discerning the significance of current events, and an emphasis on a Christian life paradigm.
The idea is to study human achievement in context both in terms of its historical and societal sequence and in terms of its providential and cultural importance. Out of this integrated understanding of God’s world every other subject and discipline is formed.

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Focuses on all the great civilizations from the dawn of time to the fall of Rome.

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1.  Orientation and Moral Philosophy
2.  Life, the Universe, and Everything
3.  After “In the Beginning…”
4.  Antediluvian Man
5.  Myths and Mythologies
6.  Diluvian Man
7.  Archaeology and Antiquity
8.  Babel and the Nations
9.  The Cradle of Civilization
10. Mesopotamian Life
11. Hamasantal Babylonian Culture
12. Abraham and the Patriarchs: Wandering Nation
13. The Civilizations of Egypt: Majesty and Mystery
14. The Mystery of the Pyramids
15. The Gods of Egypt and the Exodus
16. Israel and History
17. Covenantalism and Israel
18. The Literature of Israel
19. The Worship of Israel
20. The Gift of the Jews
21. Israel’s Practical Covanentalism
22. Medes and Persians: A People Set Apart
23. The Timelines of Early Antiquity: Making Sense of Time
24. Habits for Leaders and Learners
25. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
26. How Do We Know What We Know?
27. Greek City-States
28. Greek Philosophy
29. Greek Rhetoric and Oratory
30. Greek Theater
31. The Greek Gift of Genre
32. The Great Playwrights
33. Greek Poets and History
34. The Classical Orders of Architecture
35. The Phoenicians and the Celts
36. The Sons of Noah: To Anatolia and Beyond
37. Across the Steppes: The Silk Road
38. The Indus Valley Civilization
39. Jeremiah Small
40. The Legacy of Alexander
41. After Alexander: The Diadochoi
42. Ancient China
43. Ancient Japan
44. Carthage and the Punic Wars
45. The Roman Republic
46. Julius Caesar and the Coming Empire
47. Octavian Augustus Caesar
48. The Reign of the Imperial Caesars
49. Pax Romana
50. Barbarians and the “Fall” of Rome
51. Augustine of Hippo


Focuses on Western Civilization and Church History stretching from the advent of Christianity through Medievalism and to the Reformation, Renaissance, and Enlightenment.

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1.  Small Beginnings: After Acts
2.  Athanasius Contra Mundum
3.  Augustine of Hippo: Father of Western Civilization
4.  Champions of Orthodoxy: The Seven Ecumenical Councils
5.  Barbarian Migrations: Decentralizing the Empire
6.  Opus Dei: Monasticism and Civilization
7.  Gregory the Great: Servus Sevorum Dei 
8.  The Bulwark of Byzantium: From Glory to Glory
9.  The Miracle of the Celtic Church: How the Irish Saved Civilization
10.  Charlemagne and Muhammad: The Everlasting Conflict
11.  The Chivalric Code: Quest for Honor and Virtue
12.  Medieval Feudalism: Rooted in Accountability
13.  Medieval Art: A Seamless Theme
14.  Medieval Music: The Heavenly Dance 
15.  Monasteries: A City of God in the City of Man
16.  Scholasticism: Systemization of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth
17.  The Saga of the Viking Invasions
18.  Castles: Locus of Blessing and Domesticity
19.  Troubadours and Pilgrims: There and Back Again
20.  Cathedrals: Beauty, Goodness, and Truth Writ in Stone
21.  Guilds: Calling and Covenant Succession
22.  Ottoman Turks: Conquest and Conflict 
23.  The Crusades Begin: The First Crusade
24.  The Third Crusade: Richard and Saladin
25.  The Disaster of the Fourth Crusade
26.  A Garden In the Desert: Building Outremer
27.  The 14th Century: Contrasts and Contradictions
28.  The Earliest Reformers: Ordinary Means of Grace
29.  Reeling Into Renaissance
30.  The Medieval Imagination: A Place for Everything 
31.  Here I Stand: The Great Reformation
32.  Second Fiddles
33.  The Drums of War: Global Conflict
34.  The Psalms: A Strong Staff To Lean On
35.  Jan Comenius: Champion of Discipleship
36.  Isaac Newton and the Birth of Modern Science
37.  Henry the Navigator and the Fruits of Sagres
38.  The Word In English: Tyndale and the Bible 
39.  Imagination Bodies Forth: The Majesty of Shakespeare
40.  L’Etat, Crest Moi: The Divine Right of Kings
41.  Controversy in England: Cromwell and Milton
42.  The Westminster Assembly: Roots of American Order
43.  The Puritans: Man’s Work, God’s Grace
44.  Soil of American Liberty: Salutary Neglect and the Classics

American Culture

Focuses on the Age of Exploration and Colonization to the advent of Modernity.

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1. Meso-America: Antiquity’s Redeux
2.    Early Contacts: Myths & Uncertainties
3.    Prince Henry & Exploration
4.    Christopher Columbus: The Man & theMyths
5.    Hapsburg Conquistadors: Hegemony & Hamas
6.    Scramble for Colonies: Adventurers & Settlers
7.    International Conflicts: Two Hundred Fifty Years of War
8.    Puritans & Pilgrims: New Life in a New World / The Mayflower Compact
9.    Heros, Troublers, & Salutary Neglect
10.    The Great Awakening: Decline & Revival
11.    The Founders & the Classics: A Lifetime of Learning
12.    Mercantilism & the Stirrings of Revolt
13.    Reluctant Revolutionaries: The Surprising Stirrings of an American Reformation
14.    Covenant Lawsuit: The Declaration of Independence
15.    The Forgotten Presidents
16.    Unlikely Friends: Franklin and Whitefield
17.    The Mid-term Election of 2010: Principles & Propositions
18.    Post-Election: Where do we go from here?
19.    The Forgotten Founding: Extraordinary Individuals, Remarkable Transformations
20.    Against All Odds: From the Outbreak of Hostilities to Valley Forge
21.    The Tide Turns: Victory & Independence
22.    A More Perfect Union: The Articles of Confederation
23.    Domestic Tranquility: Moving Toward a New Constitution
24.    Washington’s Leadership: Setting the Record Straight
25.    Adams, Jefferson, & Hamilton: The Second Generation of the Founders
26.    How Napoléon Made America: The Louisiana Purchase
27.    The Undaunted Courage of Lewis & Clark
28.    The Unnecessary War of 1812
29.    Adams & Jackson: Two Alike Opposites
30.    The Trail of Tears: Amazing Grace in the Midst of Sorrow
31.    Clay, Calhoun, & Webster: The Great Triumvirate
32.    The Nullification Crisis
33.    Essential Habits of Emerging Leaders: The Lectio Divina
34.    How Cultures Change: From Philosophy to Film
35.    Chattel Slavery: Complications & Complexities
36.    Fire-breathers: Ideologues and Provocateurs
37.    A House Divided: Secession
38.    Brother Against Brother
39.    The War Shudders to an End
40.    Reconstruction: Ashes and Antagonism
41.    The Wild, Wild West: From Sea to Shining Sea
42.    Give Me Your Huddled Masses
43.    Fundamentalism, Modernism, and Economics: The Rise of the Social Gospel
44.    Theodore Roosevelt: Morning in America


Focuses primarily on the 19th and 20th century, but with roots extending into the early Enlightenment.

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1.    Christendom’s Ancien Régime
2.    Remaking the World: Three Great Revolutions
3.    Revolution v. Reformation
4.    Paradigms for Colonialism
5.    Pirates on the High Seas
6.    The Second Hundred Years War
7.    The Napoleonic Age
8.    The Astronomical Discourses
9.    The Work of Reformation: Wilberforce and Shaftesbury
10.    The Novelty of Nations
11.    The Idea of Progress: Industrial Revolution
12.    The Revolutions of 1848
13.    Flash Gordon Worldview: The Rise of Scientism
14.    A Tale of Two Men: Rationalistic Liberalism
15.    The Romantic Poets and Their Principles
16.    Biblical Principles of Politics: The Election of 2008
17.    The Virtues of the Victorians
18.    The Regency Interregnum
19.    The Legacy of the Mighty Scots
20.    The Transformation of Education
21.    The Recovery of Parish Life
22.    To the Uttermost: The Rebirth of Missions
23.    The Presidential Inauguration
24.    TR and the American Century
25.    Modernity’s Unending Tumult: The End of Christendom
26.    The Pity of War: The Ongoing Tragedy of the First World War
27.    The New World War: Wilson’s Fourteen Points
28.    A New American Revolution: The Roaring Twenties
29.    Coolidge’s Anti-Revolutionary Normalcy
30.    Calamities Multiplied: The Great Depression
31.    A New Despotism: Hitler, Stalin, and Their Heirs
32.    Hostilities Renewed: The Battle of Britain
33.    The Best and the Worst: World War II
34.    Heroes and Villains: The End of the War
35.    Return of the Jews: The Rebirth of Israel
36.    Pop Goes the Culture: The Fifties and the Cold War
37.    Q’s Enduring Legacy
38.    Right Things, Wrong Ways: The Sixties and Nietzsche
39.    Amusing Ourselves to Death: A Brave New Media World
40.    444 Days: Islamic Ji’had
41.    Scandal, Malaise, and Polarization: Watergate
42.    A President, a Pope, and a Prime Minister
43.    Essential Habits of Emerging Leaders
44.    In for the Long Haul: The Adullam Strategy

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